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Shawndreca is the owner and creator of Shades by Dreca.  She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY.  If you know her, you know that she don’t go anywhere without her sunglasses.  The bigger, the better.  The Brighter, the darker the shades. It’s the Look for her.


She never thought that something she loved so much would now be a brand behind her name.  It was very challenging leaving her job and becoming an entrepreneur. Starting a business naming it "Shades By Dreca";  “Shawndreca” the one and only. Her shades are luxurious, vintage, classy, and glamorous. “Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success”, is her motto.


Each pair of shades have their own unique names. It was inspired by family and friends with different personalities.  They've supported me throughout this journey.  The "Skies" Unlimited collection are limited sunglasses that will be available to the first come, first serve customers.  Yanika Graham aka “Skie” once told me, “the only failure is to never have tried”.  These types of friendships are very hard to come by, which is why the unlimited collection was named after her.


Next , we have the "Colorful Pastries" collection which was named after her mother Fredreca Worthy.  She's the reason why she is here today.  She said “Your life is a canvas... make sure you paint yourself a whole lot of colorful ways".  Shawndreca's mother always allowed her to express my free colorful spirited self.  As you search through the shades, remember that each name of the shades represents the growth and knowledge taught to me from them.


Not only is she selling the hottest shades out, she also sell accessories for maintenance. She thanks everyone that supports; friends, family and her fiancé.  

In addition to her successful business, Shawndreca is also an actress and reality show star.  

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