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"King June", born Derrick Ballard in Honolulu, HI.  He traveled a lot when he was child due to his mother being in the military.  This gave him a diversity to adjust with different walks of life.  June spent majority of his years in Atlanta, GA.  Thats family's origin.  

When he was 8 years of age, baseball was a passion of his.  But everything changed after his mother bought him his first rap album.  He instantly fell in love with the rap genre and wanted to pursue that as a career.  At the age of 11, June submitted his first demo to Slip N Slide Records.  

At the age of 15 he and his friend formed a group.  A year after the group was formed, he was killed.  This event discouraged him, but It didn't stop him from wanting to pursue music.  It actually pushed him to go even harder.  Despite of all of the ups and downs music was June's outlet.  In 2010, it would seem as if everything was going wrong.  He got into legal trouble, he was separated from his son and he went pillow to post.

As the years progressed he was then inspired more and more to rap by the likes of Master P, Jay-Z, 50Cent, Jermaine Dupri just to name a few.  When he was in high school, he pressed up his own music and sold them out of his locker.  In 2012, Mr. Ballard launched the "iDYMES Magazine" imprint.  This publication featured 6lack, Future, The Game, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, K. Camp and many others.  This endeavor put June on a whole other level within the industry.

"King June" found success with several of his businesses but he is still determined to become one of the greatest to touch the "mic".  He says; "It's all apart of my plan to insert my music.  I do not want to amongst everyone else."  

In 2021; he wrote, directed and acted in his first movie entitled "Quad City".  "King June" is currently pursuing his acting career and working on new music.  "Eye V. League" will represent talent that has a story to tell like myself.",  June says.  Through out this whole process "King June" has managed to author 4 books, record over 200 songs, film/direct 12 movie and publish 120 magazine issues (under the iDYMES Magazine imprint).  With no assist at all.  He gives all credit to his desire to be great and not live with regrets.


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