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Born in Wisconsin, Mike Beezy never thought of his life being what it is today.  As a child Mike loved music and performing.  Mike grew up singing in the church choir with his Mom and like many teenagers discovered Hip Hop and began to spit rhymes in high school to impress the ladies.  Mike entered every talent show he could enter, and it was his brother who saw something special about Mike.  Mike’s brother told him he had a gift for music he and that he believed it was his calling.  

Sadly two days later Mike’s brother would pass away.  Fast forward to today, Mike Beezy would go on to become isa platinum selling recording artist, accomplished recording engineer and record producer.  He’s been on several concert tours, and has had both independent and major label recording contracts.  Mike has experienced the pluses and minuses of the entertainment industry.  Today Mike is best known as, one oft he hottest”engineers to the stars”.Mike has worked with such as; Chris Brown, Lil’ Boosie, TI, Migos, T-Pain & Ty Dolla Sign.




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