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Janae Black, widely known as Nae, originally hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and currently resides between the vibrant scenes of Cleveland and Atlanta, Georgia. An African American female with a strong Christian background, Janae's childhood dreams of becoming an actress and a nurse set the stage for a unique life journey.

Despite graduating from nursing school, Janae found her true calling in acting, a passion discovered at the tender age of 6 or 7. Influenced by the likes of Taraji P Henson, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Issa Rae, and Shonda Rhimes, she draws inspiration from real-life events, books, and movies, showcasing her boundless creativity and vivid imagination.

Janae's life took a profound turn with a tragic and traumatic event, as her cousin took his own life in her home. This experience reshaped her perspective on life and mental health, becoming a defining moment that fuels her advocacy.

Outside the spotlight, Janae enjoys shopping and immersing herself in books whenever time allows. A devoted mother of three beautiful children, she navigates the challenges of the industry, relishing the connections and relationships built, while acknowledging the sacrifices, such as the long hours and time away from loved ones.

Her journey includes several accomplishments, from gospel stage plays to multiple movie roles, reflecting her dedication and passion for the craft. Excited about the evolving landscape of the filming industry, Janae Black embraces the open doors, believing that the industry is becoming more accessible for individuals like herself. Amidst the pros and cons, she finds joy in living out her dreams and looks forward to the continued adventure ahead. 



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