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Eye V. League Entertainment is the new standard within the hip-hop popular music culture.  This imprint represents the best talent in the world.  Even though we are ahead of the curve (regarding marketing strategy) we still value artist development and launching careers.  E.V.L. was established May 14, 2016 by Derrick "June" Ballard Jr., in Atlanta, Georgia.  The creator's influencers are Shawn Carter, Quincy Jones, Dame Dash, Steve Jobs and Percy Miller.  

Mr. Ballard has lifetime passion for the music business.  His "eye" for talent will stretch the creative boundaries and raise all stakes when it's time to present a masterpiece to the world.  Derrick has a respectable resume in marketing.  His innovativeness have been present on "Love & Hip-Hop", iDYMES Magazine and "Basketball Wives". just to name a few.  Keep in mind that he's not subject to music.  That gives him an advantage.  Many would cast him as the "second coming to Shawn Carter or Sean Combs".  Tenacity is an understatement if you have to describe his work ethic.  The Eye V. League imprint will birth the world's biggest stars.  Stay tuned and observe.  The rest will be history.  

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Please complete the form and allow up to 72 hours for feedback.  Thank you for taking interest in being apart of the EVL family.  Good luck.

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IG:  @EyeVLeague

Twitter:  @EyeVLeague


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